May 29, 2024

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Weekend football news

Weekend football news

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Despite the long holiday atmosphere, football action was intense on Saturday (9) and Sunday (10) in and out of four rows. Rediscover the fans at Allianz Palm trees He ended up succumbing to Bragantino, which led to protests from the crowd. President Bolsonaro was also banned at Villa Belmiro, Neymar was called an idiot, football mourned the death of two players, and football market rumors.

Striker Neymar was allegedly called an idiot by storyteller Galvão Bueno after the final whistle for Colombia 0x0 Brazil. At the entrance to the reporter Eric Faria, the famous caller did not notice that the microphone was open, and the transmitter picked him up shooting, apparently, at the number 10 jersey of the Brazilian team.

Contrary to the vaccine, President Jair Bolsonaro (there is no party) could not follow the duel between them Santos NS Syndicate, at Villa Belmero, in front of the Brazilian football elite, last Sunday (10). Abroad, the chief of the executive branch has leveled criticism against the health requirements.

“Why a vaccination passport? I wanted to see a game Santos Now they told me that she should be vaccinated. why is that? “I have more antibodies than those who got vaccinated,” said the president, who is vacationing on the coast of Sao Paulo.

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Neymar is considering retirement

Despite his young age, striker Neymar is already anticipating his retirement from the Brazilian national team. This revelation came on Sunday (10) in the documentary “Neymar and the Kings Line” by Dazen. In the interview, the player admitted that the 2022 World Cup may be the last time he wears a hopscotch. According to the foundations, he may not have had a head football in the 2026 World Cup, when he is 34 years old.

“I think it’s my last World Cup (2022). I consider it the last because I don’t know if I would be better able to face more football. So I will do everything to get there well, do everything to win with my country. The athlete pointed out. Realizing my dream since I was young and I hope I can achieve it.

Brazilian football was in mourning this weekend. A very popular character in history Palm treesFormer striker Dario Allegria died on Saturday (9) after suffering a stroke. In addition to Verdão, the former player’s spells have accumulated in América-MG, a club that revealed, flamingoAnd Fluminense Among the other teams.

An amateur football match in the city of Cachoirinha, in Pernambuco, had the protagonist in a moment of sadness and turmoil this past Saturday afternoon (9). Vandelson Milo dos Anjos ended up dying after falling ill on the court. With the support of his colleagues and opponents, and his rescue, the 51-year-old physical education professional did not resist. In a statement, the Karwaru Municipal Workers’ Union expressed its regret over the teacher’s death.

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The fan’s return to Allianz Park wasn’t the way it used to be Palm trees is expected. After being defeated by Red Bull Bragantino 4-2, Alverde moved away from the title. After the defeat, the walls of the Palestinian stadium were graffiti, with demonstrations from the masses. The protest had strong expressions against the board of directors, the technical staff and football players who had played in recent matches.

Among the graffiti lines, Verdau fans wrote: “Cast vagabond.” “G4 Salary, Z4 Football”. Mauricio Banana. “Abel, your relative is right, respect his word.” Missing plate.

Thanks to the goals of Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappe, France beat Spain 2-1 Sunday (10), at the San Siro stadium, and won the Nations League (League of Nations) title. The goal that defined Le Bleus’ success has been surrounded by controversy, with a potential handicap by Mbappé not mentioned by refereeing and VAR.

And in the dispute for third place, Italy defeated Belgium 2-1, at the Allianz Stadium, and finished third.

In a crucial contract with Real Madrid, left-back Marcelo could return to Brazilian football. In contact with journalist Jorge Nicola, a friend of the athlete referred to this scenario. The 33-year-old experienced player has a contract with Merengo until June 2022, but from January he can sign a pre-contract with any team.

Marcelo’s friend revealed: “It’s been 16 years in Europe and everything indicates that he will return to Brazil with the expiration of his contract with Real Madrid.”

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Defender Gustavo Henrique has permanently settled his contract with Bahia. Led by Gallo to Esquadrão, the athlete drew attention in the serving team and gained more and more space in the Northeast team. In the agreement between the two teams, Bahia will disburse 600,000 Brazilian reais to 50% of the defender, with the amount paid in 10 installments.

The main signing of Paris Saint-Germain for this season, Argentine Lionel Messi, was the unveiling of his agreement with the Parisian team. In an interview with “France Football” magazine, the Argentine star said that he received proposals from other football giants after his departure from Barcelona, ​​and said that the presence of friends in the French national team ended up weighing the decision to make this decision. taken.

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