May 26, 2024

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Intimidated into taking action, Bruno Henrique took a stand on social media

Intimidated into taking action, Bruno Henrique took a stand on social media

Credit: Alexandre Vidal – Flamengo

Bruno Henrique has been summoned by the court after a lawsuit filed by a fan. attacker flamingo He was surprised by the situation, and through his social networks he posted a note about how he would act in this situation.

According to Bruno Henrique, the author of the operation is trying to take advantage of an expression popularized to generate financial returns. The athlete also said that his legal exhaustion took the lead in the situation and that he supports the situation.

Fan Joseinid Constantinou Dantas went to court claiming to have patented the trademark “oto patamá”, popularized by Bruno Henrique in an interview. The author also charges R$13 million to striker Robro Negro, claiming to have benefited from the brand. The process is handled in the first business court and arbitration conflict in Sao Paulo.

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NS flamingo Enter the field next Sunday (17), at 20:30, at home in front of Cuiaba, by Brazilian league. Robro Negro currently has 45 points and is in second place, 11 points behind Atlético MG, two games less than Gallo.

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