December 1, 2023

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What is known about the fall of the stands in a bullfight that killed 4 people

What is known about the fall of the stands in a bullfight that killed 4 people

At least four people were killed and hundreds injured after a platform collapsed during a bullfight in central Colombia, local media reported.

Records of the accident show that the wooden stands filled with spectators fell at a stadium in the municipality of Espinal, Tolima County. People were seen fleeing in panic.

The fall took place on Sunday (26/6) during a traditional ceremony pen, collect, arrange, circlewhen the public is encouraged to enter the arena to interact with the bulls that are part of the celebrations of the famous São Pedro Festival.

There are fears the death toll could be much higher.

Thor escaped from the stadium and created panic in the municipality.

El Tiempo newspaper reported that local councilor Ivan Verne Rojas said the city’s hospital and ambulance services were unable to handle the number of wounded.

“We need support from ambulances and nearby hospitals, many people are still unaccompanied,” Rojas said.

Colombian President-elect Gustavo Petro posted a message on his Twitter account with a video clip showing the incident seen from above.

“I hope that all those affected at Espinal will be able to recover,” Petro said. “This has happened before in Sensiligo.”

Sensiligo is a town in the north of the country where a similar accident in January 1980 left 222 people dead and hundreds injured.

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Pietro also made an appeal: “I ask the city council not to allow more shows as people and animals die.”

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