May 24, 2024

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WhatsApp issues group video calls in chat groups

WhatsApp issues group video calls in chat groups

On Monday (10/18), WhatsApp introduced a new functionality that integrates video calls For group chats to facilitate participation in video meetings. The messenger now allows people to make group calls, directly through the conversation, and it is possible to join a group chat and call groups through a feature.

It’s available in a new icon in the Conversations tab of the app. In July, the feature was launched to join a conference call after the call has already started, that is, after the call is “ignored” when the video call is initiated. Now, there is a new element that will make this feature more practical and accessible.

green icon

When the user wants to check if a group call is in progress, just open WhatsApp and check if the call is active Through the green icon accompanied by a camera.

When entering the group chat, a white button with the option to “Join” the link will appear at the top of the screen, next to the name of the group. The goal is for the communication process to be as simple as writing a text message.

Video calls in WhatsApp groups

Instead of telling you who is on the call, the messenger will get a notification notifying you when the group is on a video call. In other words, the notification will have the name of the group, not the participants.

However, it will be possible to access a file Informative tab About the members participating in the video call, as well as a list of the members who have been invited to join the call.

WhatsApp has confirmed that only group members can participate and join the video call later. The call will be encrypted by the messenger itself.

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