May 29, 2024

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WhatsApp features have changed with new updates

WhatsApp launches a new voice messaging function on Android and iOS

NS The WhatsApp Launched a new design for voice messages. The novelty shows a kind of ‘sound wave’ when a voice/voice message is played.

The update started rolling out to select WhatsApp beta users on Android and iOS as of Monday (06). So even if you are using the beta update, you may not see the change right away.

According to the report, users will be able to see sound waveforms in their voice messages if the feature is enabled for their WhatsApp account. However, it may not be displayed when you receive a voice memo from someone who does not have the feature enabled.

The audio waveform isn’t the only new feature WhatsApp is working on for the platform. Meta’s messaging app should also completely redesign chat boxes with rounder, bigger and more colorful bubbles.

The feature is being tested for iOS beta users, according to a previous report, and it may take some time before this major design change is implemented for everyone.

It is also working on a new feature where users will be able to reply to messages with emojis. This has already been seen on Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messaging.

This feature will allow users to tap and hold on the message they want to reply to and then drag the appropriate emoji. It will be available for individual and group chats once it is launched.

Finally, WhatsApp is also working on custom privacy settings for Android beta users. This will add a new “My contacts except” option in the privacy settings, which will allow users to set the last seen for specific contacts.

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