September 24, 2023

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The new WhatsApp function promises to help the most perfect people

WhatsApp will fulfill the old demand of app users: find out which is which

As it has done in recent years, the The WhatsApp It will satisfy another frequent request from users. Several requests have been sent to the platforms asking to be able to listen to conversation audios while another window is open. Meaning, you will be able to listen to those endless sounds without being stuck chatting with a specific contact.

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At the moment, the new version is available in the testing phase for iOS users. In the trial version, it is already possible to play voice messages and audio files even if the chat is not open. In other words, users can continue to listen to the audio of one conversation while glancing at the others.

To access the new feature, your iPhone must be updated to version 22.4.75. Since the application is recent, it is worth checking your operating system version to ensure proper functionality.

WhatsApp has continually invested in audio apps

Not so long ago, WhatsApp launched the ability to stop voice recording during a message. Likewise, you can hear what was said before the file is sent to the recipient. So with this additional update, the app continues to implement many new improvements to the sound and user experience. The layout of the audio files has changed recently as well.

It is worth noting that the recent update of WhatsApp for iOS also brought another interesting novelty. Now, when a notification arrives, the profile picture of the sender appears on the iPhone lock screen. Although the functionality is already present in other competing apps, it is a novelty in the most popular messengers.

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More news along the way

The platform is also implementing a messaging interaction system. In the near future, users will be able to use the tool in the same way as Instagram, for example. Previous tests had already been done in the past, but it now appears that the new one is in the final stage of development. Additionally, the feature will be available for both Android and iOS users.

Additionally, there are many other changes being tested within the platform. WhatsApp has taken great strides to become a more comprehensive app and in line with best user experience practices.