May 25, 2024

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WhatsApp will have more restrictions on messages within conversations

WhatsApp will have more restrictions on messages within conversations

Update new message restrictions in The WhatsApp It is accessible to all users. As it did two years ago, the dispatcher seeks to combat misinformation and fake news within the platform. At the moment, the novelty is still in the testing phase in the beta version of the app, but everything indicates that it is here to stay.

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The information was released by the WABetaInfo portal that specializes in revealing everything that is being tested in the messenger. This new limitation is worth reviewing to prepare. After all, the adjustment will be implemented soon.

What is the new messaging limitation on WhatsApp?

First, it should be noted that WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted. They have some kind of unique counter that knows how to identify duplicate messages. In fact, this is one of the ways the platform should block and punish spam, for example.

The company cannot read the meter, but it is possible to identify similarities between texts and files. From there comes the latest update released by the beta users of the device. In fact, the modification is mainly found in the program code.

After all, what changes in WhatsApp messages?

A screenshot from WABetaInfo shows how the change works in practice. From this implementation, users will have a message sharing limit. That is, the message cannot be copied to several different destinations.

WhatsApp select Share the same message to one group. Well, you can no longer forward the same message to several different groups.

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If there was a limit to the number of shares before, the path has narrowed even more. Only one shipment will be possible and nothing else.

Find out when the news will officially arrive

There is still no specific date for the official release and distribution of the update. Likewise, the company has not commented on the matter or its motives.

This change is expected to be made to further disable fake and spam spreaders. In fact, WhatsApp should stop sharing “bots” more easily.