May 25, 2024

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WhatsApp will launch a great tool for Android and iOS

Anyone migrating from an Android smartphone to iOS or vice versa is happy to know that WhatsApp is launching a new tool. According to the information obtained from the site WABETA informationUsers will be able to migrate their conversations from the platform between the two systems, allowing for greater ease when changing devices.

The novelty is confirmed by the source code in WhatsApp version 22.2.74 beta for iOS. However, the migration will only be possible through a private Wi-Fi network, which is not the case with other apps like Google Drive and iCloud.

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So far, only Samsung smartphones allow syncing with Apple smartphones. For this, users need to use Samsung’s SmartSwitch app to transfer their data quickly and securely.

Android and iOS users will be able to transfer their WhatsApp chat history
(Image/Reproduction: WABETAInfo)

Among the other upcoming news, WhatsApp will also provide more security for those who are using the platform in the desktop version. Soon, the messenger will include the familiar two-step verification process already seen in the application for the desktop version. As a result, cybercriminals will have more difficulty stealing confidential information.

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