June 21, 2024

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When does the strong couple end?  Hammer-hit record in the ultimate history TV news

When does the strong couple end? Hammer-hit record in the ultimate history TV news

a Brazil Power Couple 6 Her days are numbered. Record has announced that The Couples’ reality show will end on July 14th and its grand finale will be live under the leadership of Adriane Galisteu. Six couples are still locked up in WFP’s headquarters.

This information was confirmed by the station’s press office in a press release on Wednesday (29). The Champion Couple Award will be the value accrued across all program dynamics.

So far, Caroline Menezes, Mosonzinho, Adriana Ribeiro, Albert Bressan, Elisa Wadbala, Luana Andrade, Joao Haddad, Michele Bassa, Bruno Bassa, Brenda Paixao and Matthews Sampaio are still in competition.

The record has yet to reveal whether the reality show’s grand finale will feature only two pairs, as it did last year. In the previous version, Mary Matarazzo and Matthew Urley were heroes After playing in the final against Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomao.

next elimination

This Wednesday, another DR will be formed at the Palace of Power. At the moment, Brenda, Matthews, Elisa and Hydpala are already in the danger zone. The third couple in the hot seat will be determined by direct voting, and the cancellation will take place on Thursday (30th).

Luana Andrade and João Hadad won this week’s pairs test and, therefore, will be able to step into the game upon reaching the Hall of Power.

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