May 19, 2022

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"Why does my sentence have a negative resonance?"

“Why does my sentence have a negative resonance?”


The actor summoned the situation with les

Arthur Aguiar recalled the situation with Lyce.  Photo: clone / globo
Arthur Aguiar recalled the situation with Lyce. Photo: clone / globo

In a conversation in the kitchen of BBB 22, Arthur Aguiar took the opportunity to complain about a situation. On Saturday night (2), the brother recalled the situation in which he lived in a game of contention, when he argued with Laís, he was already eliminated.

Speaking to Douglas Silva, Slovenia, Gustavo and Paulo Andre, Arthur Aguiar recalls the lines of the former sister. At that time, the sister was angry with the actor, having placed her in Castigo do Monstro:

“I’ll give you an example of my discussion with Lace. What she said was, ‘Now, take the consequences.’ So I went and took the sentence back to her, and told her about the wall work. Her sentence was, ‘Then you and I go into the room (the wall room)’ and it was the only phrase that Her resonance is mine.”

Arthur followed the anger and stated that the people in the house only take into account what he says and end up not reflecting what the other brothers say. He said in a more aggressive tone.

Gustavo, who had an affair with Lace at BBB 22, replied. “You’re not going to the room with my girl!” , he said jokingly, which made the other brothers laugh. Then Arthur thought back to what had happened. “And I said that to Ellie. Why does my sentence have a negative effect and not an effect?” he asked.

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