May 21, 2024

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William Bonner

William Bonner runs over Ana Paola Araujo inside the Globo

The moment was broadcast during the Journal Nacional and quickly went viral

William Bonner shined in an extraordinary moment in Globethis Friday, the 29th, live.

For those who haven’t seen it, on the way back from one of the breaks in the Journal Nacional, the prologue ended up cutting Ana Paola Araujo’s speech, trampling her female colleague off the bench. Instantly, the moment became a topic on social media.

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“I’m sorry. It’s you, your turn. Come on,” he redeemed himself. The professional replied: Imagine.

After William Bonner got two weeks off work, Renata Vasconcelos took a few days off. She was replaced by her colleague, who also serves Bom Dia Brasil Brasil, in the morning time on the station.

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Chico Benero
Chico Pinheiro decided to leave Rio Station after 32 years and received a letter from Ana Paula Araujo, his business partner (Image: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Ana Paula Araujo says goodbye to Chico Pinheiro

On social media, the celebrity made sure to send a message to Chico Pinheiro. After 32 years, the veteran broke his contract with Globo and decided to retire – just like Carlos Tramontina, who also left the group.

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“Eight years of sharing a bench, various scenarios, countless good and bad news, busy mornings, tense coverage, but always with moments of great laughter,” the presenter wrote.

“Chico, may a new cycle come with all your favourites. Music, family, bush shelter, travel, stories to tell and that rooster [referência ao time dele] Give you a lot of joy. Thank you very much for your partnership and affection.”

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