September 28, 2023

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Aeroflot A320: arremetida em Rostov

With 140 passengers on board, the plane rushes to avoid a car collision – the leaflet

Aeroflot flight SU-1156 connects Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow with the city of Rostov in southern Russia.

The flight took off on December 20 at 2:14 pm with 140 passengers and 5 crew members on board, operated by an Airbus A320-200 registered VP-BIJ.

The flight of just over an hour and a half seemed to come to a quiet end as the plane came close to landing.

It looked.

As it was within 6 feet (less than two meters) of the runway, traffic control ordered the crew to charge immediately.

Reason: there is a snowplow on the runway. According to the information known to date, the car was not allowed to operate at that time.

Visibility was limited on the runway due to a snow storm in the area.

Russia’s Federal Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) has classified the accident as a serious accident, according to the Aviation Herald.

There is no need to describe what would happen in the event of a collision between a fuel-filled plane at very high speed and a car on the road.

Following Control’s decision, the A320 – only 4 years old – stopped the approaching attack and landed completely safely on Runway 05 in Rostov, 11 minutes after the first attempt was interrupted.

The Russian agency opened an investigation shortly after the accident.

Rosaviatsia classified the accident as a serious accident.

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