May 30, 2024

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With the biosecurity cases, the hitmen came to assassinate former deputy Edna Echeverria

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The offenders entered the home of the prosecutor, former Liberal deputy and deputy candidate last night Edna Carolina Echeverria Holog (60 years old) Kill her with bullets.

Her husband, lawyer and retired colonel were injured in the attack. Andres Wilfredo Urteko Giamport (68).

The attack took place at the Lomas del Maya apartment complex at 6:50 pm yesterday Sunday when four men and a woman dressed in medical biosafety arrived at the apartment where the family was sick when the culprits were allowed to go inside unimaginably. Immediately, the killers started firing and they left the house after committing the crime They left clothes scattered on the streets of the residential area and left in a taxi.

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Inside the house was the lawyer’s body, but her husband was alive, so he was transferred to the military hospital, where he was stable yesterday.

Urtego Giamporde was the director National Police in the 90s He is currently the legal guardian of former deputy Freddie Nazareth and former officer George Baralaka. By press time, his health was stable. After the attack, the hitmen left the place in a taxi Plates with AAP 3896 and registration number 1078.

Teams of police intelligence units arrived at the scene to investigate the violent incident. Relatives, members of the Liberal Party and people close to the former candidate came to the scene, where they lamented the murder.

Former Liberal vice-president Valdina Paz said, “We are sorry for this crime. The lawyer is a special person with a gift to the people. Well, he is one of the few liberals who cares about the unity of the Liberal Party. Carolina Echeverria was vice president of the department of Gracious A Dios in the government Of President Manuel Zelaya (2006-2010).

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The Advocate was the Commissioner of the Commission Security and Promotion of the Honduras Tournament (CDBC), He is currently the deputy candidate for the Yani Rosenthal movement. In a statement, the Honduran Bar Association issued a sad agreement in which it expressed regret over the violence.

The living area has a lot of shelter and security cameras, a feature that helps identify murdered material criminals.