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Political Crisis: Epidemic and Demonstrations July 26 in Cuba | International

This July 26th in Havana Viva Fidel! A woman walks in front of a graffiti reading that.YAMIL LAGE / AFP

The most important date of the revolutionary fantasy in Cuba this year had a low profile. There was no central action or large speech in Havana to celebrate the attack on the Moncada rallies on July 26, 1953, which marked the beginning of the armed struggle. Fidel Castro Against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. Celebrated in style for six decades, the anniversary, this time epidemic and The Echoes of massive protests It rocked the country on July 11 and 12, with both officials and the community trying to digest it like never before. Obviously, serious Epidemiological condition -In the second consecutive day 8,000 infections were violated- this affected the fact that the concentrations were not promoted, however this did not prevent a large-scale reorganization process with thousands of people in front of the U.S. Embassy on July 17th. The President of Cuba attended, Miguel Diaz-Colonel, Raul Castro and key leaders of the country.

Unprecedented struggles in Cuba

On the morning of July 26, television presented pictures of Theas-Kennel volunteering with a group of young people on a farm, after which the president sent a message in a harmonious tone using his Twitter account: “Congratulations, all Cubans. Thank you, dear world! It’s already 26! I reiterate my call for peace, work, unity and all moving forward together! ”. Trials against the protesters continue, but little is known about the fact that some of those accused of participating in the protests have been released with precautionary measures, as well as photographer Anilo Troy, one of the video makers, and the clip. Homeland and life, Was sentenced by a municipal court to one year in prison. His family said he was released on Saturday and will wait for an appeal of the sentence in a second court under house arrest.

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Both the police violence seen these days in numerous videos and raids posted on social networks have caused a real shake-up in the community, and there are many voices calling for the release of all peaceful protesters. The shock is especially evident in the art world. Singer-songwriter Pablo Milanus said from Spain: “It is irresponsible and absurd to criticize and oppress a people who have sacrificed everything for decades and are eventually imprisoned for supporting a regime.” Milanus showed his confidence in the youth, who they thought were “to be the engine of change, with the help of all Cubans.”

His daughter Heidi, a singer, confirmed in Havana that “the Cuban people have expressed themselves and taken to the streets quietly with their demands.” The government has a duty to listen to them. ”In the same sense, popular musicians generally have a low profile, or talk about politics, as well as the famous Van Van band. “Won Wan de Cuba thanks our Cuban people, so we will always support the people, No matter who he is or what he thinks, he always respects the ideology he defends with the utmost respect, ”said Samuel Formel, the band’s director. “We support the thousands of Cubans who are demanding their rights, and we must be heard. Let’s say no to violence and anger. We will call for peace in our streets. ”

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Lopez-Nusa, a respected family of four jazz players, issued a joint statement: “Today, July 14, 2021, we condemn our parents and grandparents for cradling us, based on our family’s ethical principles of freedom, equality and fraternity. Any violent action is being taken against our people who are currently facing a deep and regrettable crisis. Violence only creates violence. ” Real companies in Cuba, such as Suzuki Waltz or composer Leo Brewer, also condemned what happened. “What a pity, what a pity for the abuse of power! … I never imagined that the forces of order in Cuba would attack ordinary and peaceful people like the Cubans,” Brewer wrote. Lazaro Chavetra, National Award for Plastic Arts, added: “There is no justice, no fairness! The use of this excess force with the civilian population is even less so with the intervention of special forces. State violence in these films is misleading. I have not exhibited much in any government agency in this country. ”

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Other artists have fully integrated themselves with the government, The United States is responsible for suffocating the Cubans To provoke an uprising and try to manipulate events. “Of course if anyone is in doubt, Social Networks and Digital Sites, And the proliferation of figures that do not represent the interests of our people, and the media manipulation they have been trying to make with poorer sectors ever since, “said Bhuvana Fay duo Israel Rojas.” No revolution is a process that is perfect, it is a complete process, it leads, is worthy and requires deep revolutionary critique, but from there it is worth dying to believe that it is a pedestrian process, with me they did not count on it. I am here to pursue the right to build a better, more independent and sovereign nation, ”he said. According to Ray Fernandez, “Young people need to realize that this is still a ploy. What they want is to destabilize us, create chaos, interfere and provoke peace.” This is how it is.

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