May 24, 2024

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Without pity, Jose Lucas pierced Goff's eye and left Juma speechless TV News

Without pity, Jose Lucas pierced Goff’s eye and left Juma speechless TV News

Jose Lucas Erandir Santos will show all his power in seduction to the Fri of Alanis Gillin in wet land. Even with the protagonist in a relationship with Goff (Jesuta Barbosa), the pawn will not be shy about starting a conversation with the jaguar woman and will still embarrass her. The scene will happen this Tuesday (31) in the TV series at nine in the morning From the world.

Newly discovered heiress to Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera), the new character will go to his father’s farm and make friends with her sister-in-law. They will then have an honest conversation about life.

On the other hand, Jose Lucas will confess to Juma that he was surprised to find his real father in such an inhospitable place as Pantanal. Friday will say that still Don’t feel ready to marry Geoff.

In the middle of the conversation, the catcher will let out: “I’ve never seen a Jaguar more than this Attractive“Amazed, the protagonist will respond.” in one Jaguar! “, will be fired.” Only when it is cum rageJosé Lucas will interrupt in a flirtatious tone. Before Juma can answer, the pawn will turn away and let her speak to herself.

Amazed, the character of Alanis Gillen He will fall in love with his son-in-law She will be confused because she has a serious relationship with Jove.

Written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the telenovela Pantanal was introduced in 1990 by the extinct Manchete (1983-1999). Globo edition has been modified by Bruno Luperi, grandson of the author.

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