June 21, 2024

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Women between the ages of 40 and 55 are the most popular profile

Women between the ages of 40 and 55 are the most popular profile

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Most people recover from Covid-19 in a short period of time, however, there are cases where symptoms are frequently recorded after a few days, or even months, as well as other cases that persist for long periods of time, which is known. Such as “long-Covid” disease or “long-term Covid” disease.

“The condition seen in individuals with a probable or confirmed history of Covid is symptoms that have persisted for at least two months and cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis,” the World Health Organization (WHO) details.

According to “El Economista”, several studies of this condition have been conducted in patients with prolonged symptoms, and it has been concluded that there is a more common picture of those with “Long Covid”.

Data from the Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Family Doctors (SEMG), as well as from the world’s major health institutions, reveal that this condition is more common in women, between 40 and 55 years of age without any obvious health problems associated with it.

From general fatigue to headaches, muscle aches or fever, there are also more serious conditions that lead to respiratory or mental problems. It is also known that “Long Covid” can lead to memory loss or difficulty maintaining focus, altering the patient’s daily life.

Even with much research in the future, the causes of this disease are unknown, although it is known that the most common cases occurred as a result of the first two waves, strengthening the hypothesis that vaccines also help combat this condition.

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Learn about the most common symptoms of “Long Covid”:

– Tired.

General malaise.

Lack of focus.

Memory failure.

– Breathing problems.

Digestive disorders.