September 23, 2023

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Xbox Showcase 2022: Common Comments About Games That Won’t Exist

There are new reports on Xbox and Bethesda Gallery, detailing what may not be shown. Usually, this kind of information is almost always leaked before the event, and it’s already a tradition, although this year things are slower in terms of event content “escaping”.

On the Xbox Two Podcast, Rand Al Thor 19 and Jez Corden sat down again and this time talked about the Xbox & Bethesda Show. While there are rumors that Microsoft plans to focus more on demo videos and gameplay this year, there has also been speculation about What may not appear.

So Jes Corden number ID program is expected to show a new earthquake, as the team may need more time to differentiate significantly from DOOM. It is also expected to No new Wolfenstein will be presentedThe studio is said to be packed with work and focused on Indiana Jones. The compulsion games and the 343 industries They won’t be Acted on Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.

Fallout 5 is also not includedAccording to Geese, while Rend Bull 19 said Fallout will be present in some form on the show. Rumors about Marcus Fenix’s set for war equipment Don’t stop either. Gears of War 2 could also be in starting blocks like remake.

Express will also be displayed While Starfield is the star of the entire show. Similarly, obsidian is expected to be legitimate repentance reveal. It’s also questionable whether there’s anything to be seen about Fable, Forza Motorsport, or Everwild and Hellblade 2, on the other hand, that looks almost certain.

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