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Xiaomi confirms the list of phones that already have MIUI 13 beta

Xiaomi confirms the list of phones that already have MIUI 13 beta

Update (12/04/21) – JB

After some leaksXiaomi has announced that it is already testing MIUI 13 on a series of smartphones. According to the company, version The beta of the program is not yet available to the public, Ago Developers need to modify more details of the program.

In addition, the company commented that Xiaomi 12 NS Redmi K50 Should Be the first to adopt the new program, where they should come out of the box with a pre-installed interface.

Rumors released over the past week indicate that the devices should run MIUI 13 on Android 11 and Xiaomi has not commented on the matter yet.

As for the list of devices that should be updated first, the Chinese manufacturer has confirmed that MIUI 13 is being tested by its development team, but it is still There is no public beta release date Not even in China.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4And

Xiaomi Mi 10SAnd

Xiaomi Mi 11 LiteAnd

Xiaomi Mi 11And

Xiaomi Mi 11 UltraAnd

Redmi K40 NS

Redmi K40 Pro.

Finally, the brand has promised to publish any news about MIUI 13 as soon as it becomes available on social networks and forums.

According to the leaks, MIUI 13 should be made official with a new design language based on Material You, expanded virtual RAM, new privacy tweaks and desktop mode.

Original text (11/30/21)

MIUI 13 is being tested on a number of phones released this year, such as Mi 11 Series, Mi 11 Lite and Mi Mix 4, Xiaomiui reports. These are the devices that should receive MIUI with Android 12 first:

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Also according to Xiaomiui, at least two new Xiaomi cell phones with MIUI 13 are already coming from the factory. Reports claim that the company has already started testing MIUI 13 on Xiaomi 12X, which is expected to be released alongside the Xiaomi Mi 11 successor in late 2021. However, insiders say that the version may have an Android 11-based look and feel instead of the new one, Including the upcoming Redmi K50.

This means that even though newer devices receive the latest version of MIUI at launch, some features introduced in Android 12 may not be available the first time around. However, it is likely that Xiaomi will eventually upgrade their phones to MIUI 13 based on Android 12 completely soon.

(Updated Dec 4, 2021 at 4:42pm)