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you are crazy!  Gladiator already has more than 2,700 copies of Burger King for Xbox

you are crazy! Gladiator already has more than 2,700 copies of Burger King for Xbox

The wrestler wants to buy all copies of Sneak King

Making a group is not uncommon, in fact some people are so devoted to their groups that they achieve great feats How to collect all released games for Gameboy. But sometimes a person begins to collect something unusual. This is the case of Wreslter, otherwise known as the human thumb pin, Leroy Patterson, who collected 2,706 copies of Sneak King from Burger King, for the X-Box.

What started out as a joke, has become a serious hobby that has earned its own channel on Youtube. The wrestler told his story one day redditHe claims to have found 50 copies of the game and bought them as a joke. After getting 200 copies, he decided to create a YouTube channel, aiming to get as many copies as possible. with your friend Bobby Ramos, the two intend to buy every Sneak King released.

In the video above, you’re following the moment the two purchase 1,000 copies of the game from a collector. Sneak King is produced by the fast food chain of Xbox 360 in 2006. games were Sold between November and December for $4After buying the meal.

The game was a stealth game, with players taking on the role of a mascot to stealthily deliver sandwiches to customers. Even with more than 2,700 copies, Leroy still has a long way to go to get all the copies.

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The reason is that during the upgrade, Two more games were sold and Burger King estimates that 2.7 million copies of the three games have been sold. Although there is no official figure for the number of games left, Human Tachinha would probably need close to a million copies to complete its collection.

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human print pin

You may not know Leroy Patterson, but there’s a good chance you’ve already seen some of his videos. The gladiator has been known to throw himself at objects, from rooftops to trash cans, bushes, and even thumbtacks. He reported that he tolerates pain to a high degree, much higher than other people.

Below you can check out his participation in America’s Got Talent, where he throws himself over nails in front of the judges.


Doing unusual things seemed to be his great interest, and it seemed like he would take a long time to complete his collection. It remains to be seen what he will do with the many copies of Sneak King.

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Patterson claims that if they counted, he did a good job. If they’re still worthless, at least he has a funny story to tell.


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Source: Kotaku