July 19, 2024

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“You’ll tell me the whole truth.”

“You’ll tell me the whole truth.”


The intruder will finally admit that she did not have a speech impediment, which makes Goff’s companion angry.

Juma and Muda will have a serious conversation
© Reproduction / GlobeJuma and Muda will have a serious conversation

In the next chapters of the novel wet landGive Globo TVAnd Fri (Alanis Jilin) ​​and seedlings Bella Campos will have a final conversation to settle it. The intruder will finally admit that she’s never had trouble speaking, leaving Goff’s companion (Jesuta Barbosa) angry because he lied to him all this time.

Even suspicious, Juma would end up ignoring the fact that Moda mysteriously got back in the conversation because the two of them had become friends. However, Pantanera will be surprised by the girl’s confession Who, in fact, came to the Pantanal to avenge his father’s deathGilles (Enrique Diaz), Juma’s father, was killed in the conspiracy.

While bathing in the river, Juma comments, “Now that I’ve talked, we can talk,” he says. “I can always talk,” Moda reveals. “What are you talking about?” asks a Jaguar girl. “Truth, Juma. We’re both here, alone, I can tell you,” she says. And the stranger continues: “I was not silent, nothing.”who concealed her real name, Ruth.

“Then why did you pretend so long?” asks Maria Maroua’s daughter (Juliana Paes). Moda in turn shows that she regrets the revelation when she learns of Juma’s powerful genius. Pantanera takes her by the arm to find out the whole story, but Moda manages to run towards rolling. Gomaa catches up with her and says, “We are both going home! And she’ll tell me the whole truth… Your mother suspected you since you set foot here… She suspected you even after you died. You see she was right, right?”suggests.

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