July 20, 2024

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Young law student who died in military police harassment

Young law student who died in military police harassment

Callan, Honduras .- A young man who was allegedly shot by soldiers who were supposed to be law students. The event was recorded Sunday night near a center Trujillo’s business, Cologne.

According to reports, agents who were maintaining a checkpoint in the area stopped the gray dual carriage driven by the identified youth. Eric Vallecillo.

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However, Walsley would have disobeyed this order and uniformed men began searching the highway.

However, a few kilometers later, the army opened fire to stop the vehicle, but the bullet struck the body of a university student.

After the shooting, Vallezillo’s vehicle suddenly stopped at the scene and when officers opened the doors, officers noticed the young man was dead.

Agents minutes later Directorate of Police (DPI) arrived at the crime scene to conduct the trial.

The student, who was about to complete his law degree, lived in the community Sonakura, colon He is the son of the famous teacher Disney Vallesilo.

So far, the agency involved the alleged perpetrators has not ruled on the case.

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