June 23, 2024

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YouTube discovers a submerged car of two teenagers missing for 21 years

Sounds like an American series. A diver discovers a car at the bottom of a lake and leads a small-town police officer in the United States to discover the fate of two classmates Missing Two decades ago. The story – true – was told by the diver himself on his channel in Youtube And by the local authorities who found the car this month.

The story begins with a YouTuber who makes diving videos and has a mission to search for missing persons. He discovered the car of two teenagers missing 21 years ago in rural Tennessee, USA. United State.

White County Police confirmed the December 1 discovery of a vehicle identical to the one driven by Erin Foster, 18, and Jeremy Bechtel, 17, who were reported missing in April 2000.

YouTube expert on unresolved issues

Jeremy Boe Sides, who owns a YouTube channel called “Exploring with the Nug,” told CNN he came across the unresolved case while searching the missing persons database.

“When I saw that two teens were missing and disappeared inside the car, it really caught my attention,” Sides said. “When I looked at the city where they were last seen, I saw a great river flowing through it, which took me there.”

Sides, who describes himself as a one-man crew and does all his shooting and editing, grabbed his gear and headed to Sparta, the capital of White County, Tennessee.

His first search was unsuccessful, but the missing girl, a member of Erin’s family, came to the attention of White County Sheriff Steve Page in late November.

The alert that the familiar sent to the mayor was transmitted to the diver, who began looking at a different location on the Calfkiller River.

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That’s when Sides made the discovery. Your video shows the moment.

“Wow, well, this is a 100% car… right in front of me,” he said, looking at the sonar. “I’ve been searching all day and finally found a car.”

Upon receiving the call from Sides, the police said, “the police team arrived at the scene within minutes to investigate, making sure the vehicle was compatible.”

An exciting and sad discovery

Sides said the discovery was exciting but “sad because it means the death of two teenagers”.

He said he hopes this will help bring some peace to the families of the missing teens. “At the end of the day, I just want to help,” he said.

Officials said the car’s remains have yet to be identified and will be sent for genetic DNA testing and possible comparisons with dental records.

Major John Meadows, the lead investigator on the case, was a fellow teen.

“It makes you more humble to be a part of something that will bring an answer to families,” he said.