September 29, 2023

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YouTube Go will be discontinued in August;  understand why

YouTube Go will be discontinued in August; understand why

YouTube Go, an app for viewing and downloading videos from it The GoogleIt will be deactivated in August. Created in 2016, the a program It aims to make it easier to watch videos for devices with slow internet. However, today’s main YouTube app, according to the same company, is already able to provide more flexibility in casting while still providing more features, such as the ability to comment, create content, post, and use the “dark” screen theme.

Investments to improve the main YouTube app included higher connection performance, better Internet user experience, and reduced mobile data consumption for mobile phones with connection restrictions, making YouTube Go unnecessary, According to the Google support page:

“We recommend YouTube Go users to install the main YouTube app or go to in their browsers. With the main YouTube app, YouTube Go users will be able to participate in creation, community and access to an improved overall experience.”

Key Features

YouTube Go It displays the amount of space occupied on the smartphone and allows you to download videos in three types of resolution: Basic, Standard, and HD (720p). It is possible to transfer downloaded files, which are protected in a folder, via Bluetooth, which is a type of wireless connection between electronic devices.

YouTube Go app download interface; The company will deactivate it in August of this year

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More Content, Less Ads, Bigger Audience

One of the main benefits of using YouTube Go, in addition to saving data, is It is the shortest ad duration compared to the default YouTube appIn this, comments and channel subscriptions, for example, are unavailable features.

The Emerging Market Access project has been launched with the app in more than 115 countries, including Brazil. Availability of YouTube Go increased by 60% after its launch in the country, in Mexico, Turkey and Iraq.

With YouTube Go deactivated in August, users of YouTube Premium (the paid service for the platform) will only be able to download files through an official app for the platform.

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