June 16, 2024

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Zeca Camargo regrets seeing 'liquid' eye after emergency surgery

Zeca Camargo regrets seeing ‘liquid’ eye after emergency surgery

Zika Camargo Update the audience about his health after A .’s performance Emergency surgery in one eye. The presenter was suffering from a retinal detachment and had to have an operation in a hurry on the 22nd. In a report on social media, he explained that he is now recovering, but he regretted that he could not see fully. Select Liquid Vision.

Little by little I’m recovering. Still the vision in my right eye, how can I explain it? Liquid! But other than that, I’m still pain-free, shock-free, and confident. We’ll soon resume our exchange here. And it’ll be even more incredible. More transparent. More Visibly. Thank you a thousand times. How wonderful it feels to be hugged by so many good people,” the journalist wrote.

He then thanked the audience for messages of affection and cited the progress of science in cases similar to his. “I’m better. Firstly because of the care of one of the most amazing and attentive eye doctors I’ve ever met. Great science. But what makes me stronger every minute are the messages of affection that come in,” he added. .

“I knew you [seguidor] I would like to respond with the same consideration you have devoted here in this space. But this love and devotion you showed here exceeded all expectations.”

In a short time, Camargo’s followers began to celebrate the news that the presenter is better, saying that he will soon be 100%. Journalist Silvia Popovich wrote: “Be very calm and patient then! It will be new indeed!” β€œThe encouragement is here, my friend,” Ronaldo reinforced Fraga.

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Zeca Camargo did not give details on how he caused the injury to his right eye, but warned of the horror on social media when it did. At the time, he made it clear that the surgery had been successful and that he would be away from networks for a while.

See the new reporter’s report below: