June 16, 2024

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Zelensky concedes to Russia, says Ukraine will not join NATO: 'We are rational'

Zelensky concedes to Russia, says Ukraine will not join NATO: ‘We are rational’

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BBB22’s Lucas’ mother denies accusations that her son, ‘Playboy’: ‘fights’

Lucas Bissoli, of “BBB22,” had to explain himself after the brother was accused of being a hypocrite for throwing a speech at the wall. Leader of the Week, Lucas nominated Pedro Scobe, noting that the surfer doesn’t put enough effort into the game and seems to ignore the reality award. Scooby rebelled, noting that Lucas was a medical student, a very expensive course, plus he had previously conducted an exchange program and had other training in his curriculum. After the beef, many testimonies from people claiming to know the brother’s family, who would be very wealthy, began to spread on social networks. Evanda Besoli, Lucas’ mother, made a statement on her son’s social networks explaining the story. “He was studying production engineering, so we saved money so he could participate in the exchange program later. He then told us he had dreamed of studying medicine, and when he was approved, he said he wouldn’t do it because we couldn’t pay. Selling a house I inherited from my father, which he paid About four years of education. Pay what was missing from college, ”explained the mother. Evandra also responded to the accusations of the public, who pointed out several photos of international travel on her brother’s Instagram profile. “He used to go on a trip or two, but the real thing is that he hardly ever leaves the house. This is our life, because of Lucas College.”

The Wall Formation The Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo) eighth wall formation reverberates throughout the early hours of Monday this Friday (14) among the participants. Gossip, accusations, and accusations have taken over the house after the butlers’ operations were identified this week. Arthur Aguiar and Pedro Scobee went after Lucas, leader of the week. The former rebel confronted his brother over his talk of money and prizes when he was nominated for surfing in Paraídau. At the beginning of the discussion, Arthur argues that Lucas misinterpreted his lines after the leader’s test, which lasted nearly 24 hours and the medical student was the winner of the lottery. “I never meant to say that R$20,000 doesn’t make a difference, it does for everyone,” Arthur explains. “The question is simple. I’m telling the person I’m going to give an angel his son’s memories. For me, R$20,000 makes a difference to anyone, but when I’m fighting for leadership, I’m not worried about whether I’m going to win the award or not, I’d rather stay another week in Big Brother. I’ve already told you many times. I thought it was obvious to you.” Download the Yahoo Mail app in less than a minute and have all your emails in one place. Subscribe to Yahoo Newsletter in 3 minutes now

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