December 3, 2023

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3 changes you should know

3 changes you should know

A decree issued by the government at the end of last year Changing rules important about food character (he goes) And the Meal Vouchers (VR). Both benefits are part of the Workers’ Food Program (PAT) and are paid to millions of Brazilians each month.

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The new regulation is effective immediately for new contracts. For agreements that were in place before the rules were applied, the deadline for companies to adapt the changes is until May 2023.

The changes affect both the consumer and the business owner, as well as companies that provide this type of card. Here are some of the important changes that went into effect:

1. There is no discrimination in science

VA and VR are only accepted in organizations that have agreements with the company that provided the feature. Now, all stores that accept coupons as a payment method are required to accept it All flagswithout discrimination.

2. Balance Transfer

After the business contact ended, the value of tickets was transferred in proportion to the business days. According to the new rules, the company can no longer collect the surplus, as it has already been ceded and is now in the possession of the worker.

3. End of discounts

It was a very common practice between companies that offer coupons and those that rent coupons to give benefits, such as Discounts and longer payment term. VA and VR suppliers could no longer offer it to them, as costs were passed on to the end consumer.

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