June 23, 2024

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4 Pix tricks you should know to avoid getting scammed

The Central Bank launched Pix to facilitate the payment operations available in Brazil. Thus, the payment method quickly fell into the taste of people due to it being free (for individuals), and its moment. However, it is not only users and merchants who have agreed to the payment method: scammers too. In light of this, check out the 4 most popular Pix tricks that you need to know below to avoid getting scammed.

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4 Pix tricks you should know to avoid getting scammed

In the face of the many scams available via Pix, it is important to know how each of them works, so as not to fall into a “hole”. Check out 4 of them below:

1. WhatsApp cloning scam

This is one of the most famous Pix moves. In it, the criminal sends messages or calls to the victim’s WhatsApp, impersonating a company or a person with some connection to the victim. In this sense, the criminal asks for a code sent via SMS by the app, when the user tries to install WhatsApp on another device. The scammer says that the SMS is related to the bank password or some other password.

This way, when getting the code you sent via SMS, the criminal clones the victim’s account and leaves it without access to WhatsApp. Thus, the criminal reaches out to the person’s contacts and requests transfers, or even pretends to shop and asks for values ​​sent via Pix.

2. Fraud by fake bank and call center staff

The second scam in the list of Pix scams is when the fraudster contacts the victim, via phone, email or SMS, pretending to be a bank employee. From there, the criminal requests financial information in order to “organize” or “record” the keys to the Pix system. And herein lies the vulnerability: the Pix key is never registered through messages or calls.

3. Fake loan scam

The third scam in the list of Pix scams is the one where fraudsters contact you with all your data and pretend to be Banks or financial. In short, it provides opportunities for loan With excellent terms of payment. Even a fraudster can simulate several options and report to the CNPJ about a real bank.

However, when editing a file creditthe offender says that it is necessary to pay an advance, to release loan. And here’s the error: No bank or institution has required an advance payment, with reference to taxes, fees, or charges before credit is granted.

4. Cell phone theft

To end the list of Pix cheats, it is necessary to mention the big problem that occurs in case of cell phone theft. Nowadays, it is normal to see Brazilians spend their lives inside a machine. Thus, by stealing the cell phone, the criminal takes possession of the victim’s accounts and is able to create Pix for the account he wants. Since payment via Pix is ​​instant, there is no way for a refund.

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