May 30, 2024

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5 Useful Instagram Launched Features You Probably Didn't Test

5 Useful Instagram Launched Features You Probably Didn’t Test

The Instagram Significantly changed since its first version, Close Friends only allowed stories to be shared by friends. Temporary messages ensured more privacy, especially when notified of screenshots. This time, both the chat and the feed have undergone transformations.

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Most updates only work in the app, so the desktop version of browsers has certain limitations. Functions can only be configured on Android and iOS platforms. However, check your smartphone’s app store to see if the app is up to date.

Check out the new Instagram updates that hit the platform recently

1- Send music to friends

If you have Apple Music and Amazon Music, you can send snippets of songs up to 30 seconds long. Just copy the link in the streaming app and paste it directly. The album cover and the option to forward the track to someone else will appear. Soon the feature will be integrated with Spotify.

2- Arrange the feed in chronological order

This functionality has been released to some users only and will be gradually available to others. So, you will have access soon and when you want to change the way your photos are displayed in the interface, just click on the Instagram icon on the homepage and select Home, Follow or Favorites.

3- Automatic translation of the videos

When publishing the video, before confirming the posting, access the “Advanced Settings” and activate the “Accessibility” tab, and select “Show subtitles”. Now people who are hard of hearing or who don’t want to hear audio can easily access your content.

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4- Redirect content quickly

Open the content you want to share and tap the send icon that looks like a kite. A popup will open with the contacts you interact with most often to select who will receive the post.

5- Send a silent message

To send a message without creating a notification, you must type @silent before writing the message in the chat. This avoids any inconvenience.