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6 physical exercises to do in the comfort of your home

6 physical exercises to do in the comfort of your home

People need to understand the importance of physical exercises For health, and from there, include it in your routine. Today, January 11th, the topic is yours the health across the Physical exercises at home.

In the presence of physical exercises In your routine Good for your well-being. This is because physically active people are less likely to do so disease progression. Check it out here Decoration and tips Some exercises that you can do in your day from the comfort of your home.

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If you are not used to physical exercise, it is important to start somehow, and you do not have to adopt heavy exercise routine, but it will remain gradually adaptin your time.

Check out some exercises to do in the comfort of your own home.

.’s workout physical exercises It won’t just help you aesthetically, but also in . format The physical and mental part.

do the abs

This exercise is the most traditionalists, work in belly and a little Radfan. To do this exercise, you should lie on the floor, spread your feet slightly and let them approach your butt, arms crossed over your chest.

Without raising your knees, you will force your torso into your knees, forcing your abdomen as well. Do this for about 10 to 15 times.

Jump rope

a need rope More space to exercise. It is a great choice for you from They want to lose weight. Do 3 sessions of 3 minutes each.

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to remember: It is important to jump with both feet together.

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free squat

This exercise works on the butt area, defines the abdomen, increases the mass of the muscles of the thighs, etc…

Standing, you will spread your feet, extend your arms forward, and slowly bend your knees to the knee line, always keeping your back straight. Repeat this movement 20 times over 3 sessions, resting for 2 minutes.


Zumba is a great exercise that combines dance and aerobic exercise, it helps in losing weight and strengthening muscles. You can find videos on YouTube. It is important that you practice it for 30 minutes to one hour. It is not recommended to do this every day.


the burpee It is one of the physical exercises that has benefits, he works at motor coordinationhelp no Increase muscle mass, help with cardiopulmonary resistance It is also a great exercise for Weight loss.

running machine

a traditional mat You can’t miss it, right? Although not many people like it, it has too much power for you the health. Run for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week It actually increases your energy and prevents various diseases. So, don’t give up on a good treadmill.

Also watch the video on Carol Borba’s YouTube channel, she gives tips on various physical exercises to do at home.

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