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Beer containing vitamin D can be part of a healthy diet

In addition to containing vitamin D in its formula, Corona Sunbrew contains no alcohol (Credit: Reproduction/YouTube Corona)

It is common for beer brands to associate hot, sunny days with drinks in most advertisements. This combination is really perfect for those who love the famous “ice cream”. With this in mind, Corona’s advertising team went further and decided to change the way they associate sun and beer. The company recently announced Corona Sunbrew, a beer that has vitamin D in its formula.

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The vitamin D in the formula for the new drink can be obtained within a few minutes of exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is responsible for triggering reactions in the skin that cause the body to produce vitamin D.

Thus, it is possible to absorb nutrients that ensure the strengthening of bones and muscles. Vitamin D can also be found in some foods, such as milk, vegetables, and some fish. The news is that, now, it can also be found in beer. The brand’s idea was to associate beer with sunny days, in a different, healthier way.

In addition to having vitamin D in its formula, Corona Sunbrew does not contain alcohol and contains 70 calories. For comparison, the 355ml Corona Extra with alcohol contains 148 calories, more than double the brand-new beer. According to FAMESP Dietitian and Professor, Marianne Rocha Taglion, vitamin D plays an essential role in the prevention of osteoporosis and fractures, especially in the elderly.

Taglione points out that beer can be a viable alternative for those who love beer and have or are looking for a healthier lifestyle. “Given that a large portion of non-alcoholic beer still has more calories than Corona Sunbrew and also due to the addition of Vitamin D, it makes a difference for people who love beer and strive to lead a healthy and more balanced life without alcohol. Leave the socializing moments.” From time to time, adding vitamin D a day is an added option, which helps to reach vitamin recommendations,” says the nutritionist.

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Sports nutritionist Jacqueline Muniz shares Taglione’s view, and also notes that brands that think about consumer health are growing in their own markets. According to her, Corona Sunbrew can be a great alternative to alcoholic beer.

When we think about health, it is important to emphasize a balance between moments of rest, happiness, and health. Moniz says that brands who understand that delivering a great product is not just about quality, but also about user/consumer experience, will be way ahead of their time.”

The specialist also says that “with all possible care and transparency” it will indeed be possible to introduce a beer such as Corona Sunbrew into a healthy diet for enjoyment in moments of leisure.

And does regular beer with alcohol have any health benefits?

According to Muniz, there is no significant research or consensus establishing a protective effect from alcohol consumption.

“Some small studies indicate a protective effect for heart disease, but these studies were done in small numbers of people and for a short period of time. The problem is that there is no information about the ideal dose for everyone. The World Health Organization states that the maximum alcohol intake is 30 grams per day. , but that’s a limit, not a recommendation,” the sports dietitian highlights.

The importance of vitamin D

According to experts, about 80% of vitamin D production is related to the sun. The rest is related to food. That is, through exposure to sunlight, the human body can produce vitamin D and convert it into the “pre-reactive form of the vitamin”.

The sun helps the body convert a substance found in the skin into vitamin D3, which goes to the liver and then the kidneys convert and activate vitamin D. It is this final form that is used extensively by the body. So when it comes to Vitamin D, food alone is not enough to meet the requirements of the body.

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Professor Marianne Rocha Taglione points out that studies also show that vitamin D plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of various types of cancer, in addition to being important for cardiovascular health and strengthening immunity.

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