September 27, 2023

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale é o primeiro modelo híbrido produzido em série pela montadora italiana

7 million Brazilian reals fall Ferrari SF90 Stradal from truck in Sao Paulo

Imagine fulfilling the dream of buying a new car, all that worry of picking up the car, and when it is delivered, it falls off the carrier truck. It is undoubtedly a heartbreaking sight. But that is exactly what happened with the Ferrari SF90 Stradale that was handed over to businessman and CEO of Cimed Group, Joao Adebe Márquez.

João was about to receive his new mechanism when he saw the truck’s hydraulic jack fail and his Ferrari SF90 Stradale crashed to the ground. Fortunately – both the owner and the employee who delivered the super sports car – the car was not badly damaged and Joao was able to drive the model quietly around São Paulo.

Later, the manager joked about the situation on social media, saying that Ferrari was so beautiful that it looked like it had fallen from the sky.

The SF90 Stradale took about one year to be ready. Commissioned by João, the color chosen was yellow to represent his pharmacist. Interior finishes are also designed specifically for the owner.

The model – the fourth to arrive in Brazil since the start of the year – still has diamond wheels and a stripe that crosses from the bonnet to the aileron in the colors of the Italian flag.

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale

The model arrived to celebrate the Italian automaker’s 90th anniversary and has the distinction of being the first Ferrari series production hybrid. The other hybrid model from the automaker Maranello is the LaFerrari, which was limited to 499 units.

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The SF90 has a V8 with a power of 780 hp, which, added to the electric power unit, reaches 1,000 hp. The driver has the option to select the pure electric mode, which gives it a range of 25 km.

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