October 1, 2023

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9 Apps You Can Use Instead of Apple’s Health App

How many apps are installed on your smartphone? And how many of them can be of real benefit?

It seems that the time when we trusted health issues to doctors only is transforming. Things become rather the opposite: we monitor our well-being and lifestyle ourselves, and the doctor just helps to improve the result or solve the problems that have arisen. And the transition to this approach is much easier thanks to health monitoring apps.

Personal assistant, trainer, nutritionist, even adviser – a great app is all of them! And if the Apple Health App is the only tool you’ve been using, let us share something. There are a bunch of such programs, and in this article, we’ve rounded up the coolest ones!

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Lifesum (To Be In Shape)

Let’s agree: amazing physical shape greatly depends on your nutrition. Lifesum is primarily a food diary where you can record everything that was eaten during the day. This also includes finished products – you just need to scan the barcode.

The app simplifies the calculation of calories and the ratio of macronutrients in the diet, as well as evaluates them. Plus, it gives handy tips on what should be fixed.

Lifesum has other useful features too:

  • You can take a quick habits test to get a personalized menu;
  • Recipes will inspire you for a healthy breakfast or lunch;
  • Trackers of water consumption, vegetables, fruits, etc. help consolidate new eating habits.

Ada (To Make a Preliminary Diagnosis)

Want to see artificial intelligence in action? The Ada application is a clear example of how technology is being used in medicine. You can turn to this app if there are changes in your well-being and you want to know what’s going on. Let’s be honest, we usually google our symptoms, running into something completely awful. And this only adds to our anxiety.

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In a dialogue with Ada, you just need to indicate your symptoms and answer a few clarifying questions to get a preliminary diagnosis. Most importantly, Ada’s findings are based on accurate medical data that has been gathered by doctors and scientists. Also, you can mention here some necessary information such as allergic reactions, the medications you take, etc.

OnDoc (To Organize Medical Data)

No doubt, with apps like OnDoc, you won’t have to worry about organizing your medical data. After all, the tool works as a single medical record. Here, you can indicate your pulse and information about pressure, temperature, sugar, and cholesterol levels.

Then you can share it with your doctor: OnDoc has a choice of clinics and specialists, and you are free to contact them remotely. Install OnDoc to receive test results and save them in the application as well as enter a medication schedule. In a word, with this tool, it’s simple to keep your health under control.

Sleep Cycle (To Get Up Easily)

Surely, we are all aware of the fact that lack of sleep leads to gradual failure of all body systems. In the meantime, healthy sleep helps fight stress, improves digestion, and gives the nervous system a proper recovery. Is waking up from a warm bed a true nightmare for you? Do you want to wake up with a smile on your face? Then download Sleep Cycle.

This is a smart alarm clock that wakes you up at the most optimal time. Having a good night’s sleep will make everything easier for you, whether it’s studying Android apps for school, a huge working project, or just running errands. But how does the app do it?

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Thanks to the smartphone’s speaker, the application listens to your sleep behavior, detecting the phases of short and deep sleep. It knows exactly when you should get up without irritation and tiredness.

Water Time Tracker (To Hydrate The Body)

Water has a lot of useful functions. It removes harmful substances, regulates body temperature, and protects organs. A person needs 1.5-2 liters of fluid, but we tend to neglect this tip, don’t we?

Water time counts every glass you drink. You need to enter it into the app and it will show the recommended amount of water based on your height, weight, and age. The application also monitors the level of fluid drunk, warning the user of an overabundance.

Happify (To Improve Your Mood)

Mental health is no less crucial than physical health. Perhaps, it’s even more important. Indeed, in an era when productivity and success are most valued, we often feel burned out and exhausted. And while apps won’t replace therapy and medication, they offer you new ways to cheer up.

Happify allows you to track mood and emotional well-being and identify disturbing thoughts. Dealing with anxiety becomes easier with quick exercises in a playful way. Interestingly, Happify’s wellness methodology is based on scientific research in the psychology of happiness.

Runkeeper (To Make Your Workouts More Effective)

This is the perfect app for running, cycling, and hiking. Runkeeper captures all the details from route and distance to your average speed and pace and even elevation you encounter along the way. A special fitness tracker records all the data, analyzes it, and gives you recommendations on what can be adjusted.

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During the run, the program reports the current results so that you can immediately correct the training.

Medisafe (To Take Your Medication)

If you often forget to take your medicines when rushing here and there, download Medisafe. It reminds you to take your medications, dietary supplements, and vitamins on time. Actually, it’s a full-fledged e-first aid kit.

You can also:

  • Enter how many pills you need to drink and when;
  • Create a family account for taking vitamins;
  • Create separate lists of medicines for stomach pain, allergies, and so on.

In addition, Medisafe can be synchronized with health monitoring devices and track how your pills affect your well-being.

MedM Blood Pressure (To Monitor Your State)

This service is especially useful for hypotensive and hypertensive patients. The program allows you to enter data on blood pressure, pulse, and other indicators. In addition, it can be synchronized with smart electronic blood pressure monitors. The service systematizes data and shows statistics as charts and specialized graphs by day, week, and month.

To Sum It Up

Blood pressure monitors, pedometers, and all other kinds of fitness bracelets … In fact, those who check their health on a regular basis no longer need dozens of devices. Most iPhones and Androids have similar built-in features.

And relying on excellent applications, you will not only control the processes that occur in your body but also improve your well-being and mood. With such assistants, you definitely won’t worry that something will go wrong.