October 2, 2023

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WhatsApp is testing charging for app usage

WhatsApp is testing charging for app usage

Trial users of WhatsApp Business You can now check out your new messaging plan. Meta is developing a paid version of the app called The WhatsApp Premium dedicated to companies and commercial establishments.

The novelty is already being tested by users and has a series of advantages, such as linking to the account on up to 10 devices and creating custom trade links. It is worth noting that the tool is optional for entrepreneurs.

However, since it is still in the development stage, there are still no expectations for the official launch of the feature. Moreover, so far, the The WhatsApp He did not disclose more details.

What’s new on WhatsApp

Here are the new versions of the messenger:

Additional mobile device

The messenger may soon get the option to connect a new cell phone to the app account. Until then, it is possible to connect the messenger on up to four devices (PC) simultaneously.

Poll option

a The WhatsApp It recently announced that it is working on a tool for creating group surveys.

Status feedback in beta desktop

web version of The WhatsApp It is testing a feature that allows users to interact with a contact’s status using up to eight emoji options. Other versions of the messenger will also be covered.

Status update

Meta wants to bring an Instagram-like setting to WhatsApp. The goal is to mark when your contact has a new temporary post through the circle around the profile picture.

WhatsApp lets you see who you’re chatting with in the app

Thousands of people exchange messages daily through The WhatsApp. If you are interested in knowing which contacts you talk to the most, there are some tricks that can help you find out.

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You can view frequent contacts by simulating forwarding a message or sending a photo from your phone gallery. Another option is to use the analysis tool provided by the application itself.

See below how to perform the above three actions and find out which contacts you chat with most often on the messenger.

Simulate sending messages

  1. open the The WhatsApp;
  2. Click on any conversation you want;
  3. select a message and click on the “Forward” option;
  4. A screen with frequent contacts and recent conversations will appear.

Simulate sending a picture from a cell phone gallery

  1. Open your phone’s gallery;
  2. select the image you want;
  3. After that, press the share button;
  4. Refers to The WhatsApp in the application menu;
  5. A list of your frequent contacts and recent conversations will be displayed.

Storage Analysis Tool

  1. open messenger
  2. go to the “Settings” section;
  3. Click on the “Data Usage and Storage” tab;
  4. Once done, tap on Storage Use;
  5. A list of all your contacts will appear, indicating the space each conversation takes up on your smartphone.

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