June 21, 2024

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99Pay Reduces Maximum Credit Card Payments

This week, 99Pay is for customers who use their digital wallet to pay bills with their credit cards credit He has bad news. From now on, the maximum credit card payments at 99Pay will be only R$600. This change affects, above all, those who have used this functionality to earn points and miles.

With that, now that you have exceeded R$600 in credit card bank voucher payment at 99Pay, you will have to pay the fee.

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99Pay Reduces Maximum Credit Card Payments

The cap reduction has now been announced for some customers through notifications from the Race 99 app. In the notice, the company says the customer will get up to R$600 per month in credit card transactions, without fees. If the customer exceeds the amount of 600 BRL, a fee of 2.8% will be applied to the excess amount. For example, if a customer pays a total of R$620 in bank vouchers using his credit card, he will have to pay a fee of 2.8% on R$20, totaling R$5.60 as a fee.

On the other hand, the notice indicates that the customer uses this fee waiver to make daily payments, such as water, electricity, gas bills, etc.

Remember that the exclusive 99Pay app does not allow boletos to be paid, this functionality is exclusive to the racing app.

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99Pay limits were much better

Previously, 99Pay had much better maximum values ​​for credit card usage. Check out the old limits:

  • Up to R$2,000 per month in general vouchers;
  • Up to R$4,000 per month in utility bills (such as water, electricity, and gas);
  • Up to R$2,000 in transfers to friends;
  • Up to 2 thousand RRL in wallet balance recharge;
  • Finally, up to 300 BRL in prepaid mobile recharge.

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