June 12, 2024

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A 75-year-old man falls from a distance of 30 meters into a volcano in Hawaii and dies

A 75-year-old man falls from a distance of 30 meters into a volcano in Hawaii and dies

A 75-year-old man died, on Sunday, 2, after falling on the Kilauea volcano, in Hawaii, which is considered the most dangerous in the United States. The information was released the next day by the US National Park Service in an official statement.

A lava fountain erupted near Halema crater from Kilauea volcano that erupted in September 2021 Patrick Handout USGSM/Reuters

Photo: Patrick Handout / USGSM / Reuters

The family reported the disappearance of the old man to the authorities. “After searching for the man in the dark, National Park Service rangers and Hawaii County firefighters located the man’s body approximately 30 meters below the crater rim, west of the Uēkahuna lookout area on top of the volcano. Kilauea,” the department said. According to People magazine.

To retrieve the body, the officers were assisted by a helicopter. This case is under investigation. This was not the first incident involving incidents involving visitors approaching the volcano further than permitted. In 2019, a tourist fell 20 meters into the volcano, local media reported at the time. Park officials also reported that a man boarded a railway to get a closer look at the volcano before it also fell.

In September last year, the Kilauea volcano erupted, and since then the site has been welcoming nighttime tourists, interested in seeing the lava glow, according to CBS News.

Local authorities are urging visitors not to cross security barriers “particularly around the edges of dangerous and disruptive slopes”, which could cause serious injury or death.

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