May 19, 2024

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A Brazilian doctor with monkeypox says: "There is no longer a fever, only skin lesions remain" beautiful

A Brazilian doctor with monkeypox says: “There is no longer a fever, only skin lesions remain” beautiful

He was hospitalized in Munichin the south Germany. Fantástico has spoken with the doctor taking care of the Brazilian, but due to professional confidentiality, he cannot provide the patient’s personal details. Just reveal it He is a young man with Portuguese citizenship, and he was there Germany To tourism after passing through Portugal and Spain, who was referred to the place after showing symptoms and consulting the clinic.

“He’s in our isolation area. According to German health law, he’s been isolated for three weeks, and he’s already served one. So, he’s still two weeks away from hospital treatment. He and the other patient I take care of don’t have a fever, only lesions remain. leather. And the other already ordered to self-isolate at home, the authorities supervise. And for the Brazilian, if he lives in GermanyI will also be discharged from the hospital to end the isolation at home. But since he’s not living, he’s staying here in the hospital,” he explains.

The disease has not been talked about since the 1980s, when the World Health Organization declared smallpox officially eradicated. Before reaching this historic feat, achieved thanks to vaccination, smallpox was a disaster.

In humans, the first record was from 1970, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since that time, all cases of monkeypox that have appeared on other continents have been associated with some areas of Africa, but this time it is different.

This outbreak, which is observed mainly in Europe, is associated with some tourist events that brought together many people from different countries.One in the Canary Islands, Spain, and the other in Antwerp, Belgium. It is not yet known how this virus appeared in these events.

To date, more than 200 cases have appeared. In Europe, Australia, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Argentina.

The first symptoms of monkeypox are fever and body aches. In general, from the fourth day onwards, lesions appear, such as chickenpox.. Learn more in the video above.

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