June 20, 2024

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Russia expels 40 German diplomats in response |  Globalism

Russia expels 40 German diplomats in response | Globalism

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia On Monday (26th) it was announced that 40 employees of German diplomatic services were announced in Russia “persona non grata”, which is equivalent to the status of expulsion.

The Russian Ministry said in a statement that it had summoned the ambassador of the Russian Federation Germany in Moscow and gave him a message regarding the decision. The ministry said it was a “symmetric response” to the German government’s decision to expel 40 Russian diplomats from the country Germany On April 4, the day after the photos of civilians killed in the streets of the Ukrainian city of Bucha shocked the world.

Moscow’s protest letter said that the statements made by German Foreign Minister Annalinna Barbock at that time were also unacceptable. Barbock had mentioned “a large number of unwelcome members of the Russian Embassy who work every day here in Germany Against our freedom, against the cohesion of our society.”

Ukraine vs Russia: Anti-war protesters demonstrate in Berlin, Germany – Photo: Reuters / Fabrizio Bench

The Russian Foreign Ministry also said it objected to Berbock’s “hints” about the events that took place in Ukraine.

The Russian Information Agency reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia He said that hostilities against the Russians would not go unanswered. The agency quoted the ministry as saying that Moscow may confiscate German assets in Russia as an answer.

Berlin: Expulsions ‘unjustified’

Barbock condemned the ad Russia It will expel 40 German diplomatic officials. She said that Russian officials were expelled from Germany They were spies, not diplomats.

“We expected today’s move, but it is by no means justified,” Barbock said in a statement. She claimed that 40 Russian diplomats expelled by Berlin “did not serve diplomacy for a single day”, while they were expelled before Russia “They did nothing wrong.”

Russian minister talks about the dangers of World War III

Also on Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the conflict in Ukraine It was in danger of turning into a third world war. He believes that the danger is “real and cannot be underestimated.”

Lavrov also said that arms deliveries by Western countries to Ukraine It means that NATO is “essentially engaged in a war against RussiaAnd that Moscow considers these weapons to be legitimate targets for attack.

Storage facilities in the West Ukraine It has been targeted more than once [de forças russas]. How could it be otherwise? “.” NATO is, in essence, embroiled in a war with Russia, through an intermediary, and arming that intermediary. “War means war,” he said.

In an interview published last Friday, German Federal Chancellor Olaf Schulz made a strong defense of the policy adopted by his government regarding the conflict in Ukraine He said his priority is to prevent NATO from being drawn into the conflict, which could lead to a war of greater proportions. “There can be no nuclear war,” the German Federal Chancellor said. I will do everything in my power to prevent an escalation that could lead to World War III.

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