May 18, 2024

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A leopard attacks a woman and she defends herself with a stick

A leopard attacks a woman and she defends herself with a stick

Spreads, on social networks, a Video that went viral this week. In the photos, which were taken with a security camera, a woman is attacked by a tiger and defends herself from cats using a stick.

Initial information indicated that the attack was going to take place in Paraná, but the rumors were later refuted. According to the gate Times of IndiaAnd the case occurred in Mumbai, in the Asian country, last Wednesday (9/9). The house is located on the outskirts of the urban Aarey Colony forest.

The security camera captured the moment the tiger swept into the backyard of the house. Then, 55-year-old Nirmala Rampadan Singh enters the scene, walking slowly with the help of a stick. She walks and cleans the sidewalk with her hands and sits with her back to the cat. The woman is unaware that the animal is watching her, which keeps its bright eyes glowing at potential prey.

Watch the video:

The scenes of the attack are frightening. Cheetah slowly approaches and surprises the old woman who tries to get up, takes the stick – which was next to her – but ends up falling. Apparently the animal is trying to bite the neck of the woman who is defending itself with a baby walker.

The animal tries to bite the woman who runs away and screams for help. The animal surrenders and runs away. Moments later, some men seem to be helping the lady.

Nirmala Rampadan was taken to hospital, where she was rescued but not seriously injured.

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