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Fear, Missing School, and Work Denied: Afghan Women Recount How Life Changed After the Return of the Taliban |  Globalism

Fear, Missing School, and Work Denied: Afghan Women Recount How Life Changed After the Return of the Taliban | Globalism

In the first interviews and speeches given by the leaders of the extremist group, they tried to give the group a more progressive appearance, saying that this time the women He will not be banned from studying.

However, Doing excerciseWomen faced barriers and fear of attending school, two of them living in Kabul said g 1.

Two students at the school door

The principal of a school in the city said she was afraid to be interviewed and put her school, students, teachers, and herself at greater risk.

She says the Taliban have been at the foundation’s portal many times, and they always ask many questions. “We are in a terrible situation“He said.

A member of the Taliban talks to female protesters while another tries to block the camera with his hand during a demonstration outside a school in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on September 30, 2021 – Photo: Bulent Kılıç/AFP

There are thousands of students who Stop going to the classroom Because schools are closed. The teachers left Afghanistan when the Taliban returned to power.

The new government said that women would be able to return to school as long as they were separated from men. However, there are indications that the ban will be of a different nature.

The dean of Kabul University has already stated that women are for him He will not go to higher education.

Women in the labor market

A Kabul resident, a former official in the Women’s Ministry who asked not to be identified, told g 1 who have simply stopped leaving their home since the Taliban’s return to power.

She says she worked in the ministry for three years and says she enjoyed her life before the Taliban took power, but now she hardly leaves the house and wears a burqa when she does.

Afghan women demonstrate in Kabul on September 3, 2021 – Photo: Wali Sabawoon / AP

It’s not just her, she says, other women are working and they’ve had to stop.

She said she was afraid to send her daughter back to school, and that her sister had dropped out of high school. He adds that the Taliban have representatives everywhere, including in schools.

She says that not only women are oppressed, but that her cousin was beaten in the street for wearing jeans.

Taliban hang bodies of alleged kidnappers on cranes in Afghanistan

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