June 20, 2024

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A man tattoos 95% of his body but complains that he 'scares women'

A man tattoos 95% of his body but complains that he ‘scares women’

A 25-year-old American man covered about 95% of his body with tattoos and now says his new look scares women.

“Tattoo scares a lot of women, but other than that there’s no other reaction. Most people think it’s beautiful,” says Tristan Weigt in an interview with The Daily Star.

In the photos posted on Instagram, the young man shows a kind of timeline, in which he appears in 2016 with only one tattoo on his right arm.

“Nothing has really changed other than the color of my skin. I’m still the same on the inside. I don’t feel any different either,” says the young man who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, despite being born in the United States.

Weigelt says he decided to become proficient in body art after getting his first tattoo. “I thought, ‘Why not?'” he remembers. If I start, I’d better keep going.” His family, however, does not support the move. “My parents just hate me,” he admits.

The most painful parts of the permanent ink were the armpits, the face, and the feet. However, parts of the face itself, private parts and extremities of the feet and hands have not yet been drawn.

“For whoever is thinking of getting a tattoo, make the one you like the most! Do what you love and that makes sense for you,” ends the tattoo.

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