June 21, 2024

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A new method that generates many health benefits

A new method that generates many health benefits

Inspired by traditional court tennis, Beach Tennis is a relatively new sport that, although played for a short time, has already conquered thousands of fans around the world. In Brazil, it is one of the styles that are on the rise at the moment. In addition, the country is also a huge force in sports, having won four World Cup cups in this way. Keep reading and see what Beach tennis benefits.

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The health benefits of beach tennis

Practicing beach tennis can generate a host of benefits for those who play the sport, as it is a method practiced in the sand and gets the whole body moving. paying off!

  • Strengthening the muscles of the body

For those who want to invest in muscle strengthening, Beach Tennis is a great alternative. This is because it works to run the whole body, especially the legs, arms, shoulders, and also the stabilization area of ​​the body known as the core, because it is a sport practiced on the sand, and therefore requires a lot of this area.

The beach tennis player is moving all the time during the game, generating full and intense physical activity. Therefore, this method has a very high calorie expenditure. It is estimated that in one 1-hour match, the body burns about 500 to 700 calories.

  • Little effect on joints

Being an activity practiced on the sand, beach tennis enhances the effect of very low joints, since this type of soil cushions and flops. In addition, since it is soft ground, it also avoids injuries and cuts from falls.

  • Improve agility and motor coordination
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While playing sports, fans are constantly encouraged to move quickly and lightly. In addition, they must also have good motor coordination to have greater control over the movements of the limbs.

  • air conditioning

When we engage in any kind of physical activity, breathing and stamina are essential for good performance. Therefore, beach tennis can greatly help in the process of those who need aerobic exercise to strengthen the cardiovascular system.