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Incredible benefits of onion peel tea;  Grandma's recipe is a real healthy mix

Incredible benefits of onion peel tea; Grandma’s recipe is a real healthy mix

It is impossible to mention grandmother’s tea recipes without mentioning them onion skin tea. Although this part of food is always neglected, it is rich in many nutrients and health benefits. I want to know what? a home and farmFrom TechnonotesToday, February 26th.

This onion is rich in many nutrients, as everyone knows. However, what many do not know is that making a file onion skin tea It can be a powerful remedy against various health disorders. So, check out the benefits of this drink.

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Onion peel tea (Canva Pro Reproduction)

Benefits of onion peel tea

Strangely enough, onion peel is rich in many minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium, iodine, magnesium and phosphorous. This may seem illogical, but it is true, onion peel is more nutritious than the onion itself. So it should not be missed.

With this combination of nutrients, this infusion is able to soften inflammation and protect the body from bacteria, viruses and fungi. In addition, it has a laxative and anti-allergic effect, not to mention a very strong healing effect.

That’s not all. A tea made from onion peel is excellent for fighting flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, cough, and clearing secretions from the airways. Moreover, it acts as a powerful diuretic, fights bloating, and regulates cholesterol levels.

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How to make tea

First of all, get acquainted with the list of ingredients needed to make onion skin tea that will bring a lot of health and well-being to your body:

  • 2 cups of onion peel.
  • 200 ml of water.
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How to prepare:

Preparing this tea is intuitive, simple and easy. So, just boil the water and then add the onion peel. Next, cover the container and let it soak for 15 minutes. Finally, strain the liquid and drink it while it is still warm.

The good part is that onion skin tea It does not have a strong taste. So, you don’t even need to sweeten it, but if you choose to do so, use honey instead of sugars, they are very bad for your health.

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