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Nutricionista aponta 3 erros cometidos na hora de emagrecer - Reprodução Canva

Dietitian points out 3 common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

Keep Fit body and health in days It is a challenge in our daily life. With today’s dynamics and tiring routine, getting a proper weight is no easy feat. However, in an effort to lose weight, some make simple mistakes that can disrupt the whole process. So, this Wednesday, February 23, the dietitian points out 3 mistakes A rumor that prevents you from losing weight.

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3 Common Mistakes That Prevent You From Losing Weight – Canva

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3 common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

During the weight loss process it is necessary discipline. Many people know what to eat and what not to eat. However, the discipline is not as simple as you might imagine, it is difficult to adapt to the rules of losing weight in today’s rush.

So, let’s list it for you. 3 common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight. The nutritionist responsible for this article will now explain everything, check it out:

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Eat snacks between meals

Have you ever heard that this name pinches, it means stay Snack or savor Food during the day and whenever you go to the kitchen. This obsession that many people have can disrupt the process of losing weight.

Why this happens, let’s explain now: While you should be burning your body fat reserves, you are eating some food. So, You power your cells and they won’t burn. Also, you will only maintain your current weight until you eat a large meal and gain weight again.

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Excessive consumption of processed foods

In the dynamics of daily life, people tend to take advantage of the practical application of Processed foods Such as biscuits, snacks, cereals, instant noodles and other similar products.

However, these foods Excess sugar, sodium, and trans fats And other nutrients that prevent weight loss and also contribute to weight gain and body fat. So it is one of the three common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight.

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Not eating fiber prevents you from losing weight

A diet low in fiber is sure to hamper the weight loss process. To lose weight it is necessary to be in In harmony with intestinal transit. Therefore, fiber intake is very important in this process. To increase your fiber intake, eat more: Vegetables, vegetables and fruits And other sources of fiber that can support bowel function.

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