December 10, 2023

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A rookie pilot makes an emergency landing on a US highway |  Globalism

A rookie pilot makes an emergency landing on a US highway | Globalism

Pilot Vincent Fraser made an emergency landing on a North Carolina road on July 3, when it was a public holiday in the United States. United State. A video clip, taken by the pilot, shows him diverting the plane from the transmission lines and looking for a space between the cars to land. (Watch the video above)

According to local media, the pilot noticed a problem with the engine and began to look for options to attempt an emergency landing.

“I looked left and before I could see anything because it was just mountains and trees, but there was a road,” Fraser told Fox News.

Fraser’s father-in-law was also on the plane. No one was injured.

Fraser is a US Army veteran but a novice in aviation. According to Al-Youm newspaper, he obtained his pilot’s license a few months ago and had about 100 hours of flying experience.

Sheriff Curtis Cochran of Swain County, North Carolina, said he did a great job.

“If you look closely, you can see the transmission lines he was able to cross,” said Sheriff Curtis Cochran. “It could have been disastrous.”

After landing, Fraser told CNN that a mechanic checked the plane. Then it was towed to another area of ​​the mountain, where it took off again 3 days later. This time no problem.

Pilot Vincent Fraser makes an emergency landing on a US highway – Photo: Vincent Fraser