October 1, 2023

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Seven women tortured for witchcraft in Peru |  Globalism

Seven women tortured for witchcraft in Peru | Globalism

Public Prosecution Peru An investigation was opened on Tuesday (12) in the case of the persecution of seven women accused of practicing witchcraft by members of a peasant patrol in a remote area of ​​the Andes.

Women were caught, stripped, and flogged by peasant watch patrols.

These patrols are paramilitary groups created nearly 50 years ago, originally to combat cattle rustling and later turned against the raids of Maoist gangs Sendero Luminoso. The actions of these groups have been supported by constitutional rules on societal justice since 1993.

The country’s president, Pedro Castillo, a rural teacher from Cajamarca, was a member of the Peasant Leagues.

Hanging women and flogging them

A video has gone viral on social media showing a woman dangling by one foot while being whipped to force her to confess to alleged witchcraft. The Peruvian authorities were notified of the situation after this video was posted.

The victims were released on Tuesday. According to the Public Prosecution.

Local newspapers reported that the women arrested on June 29 “are between 43 and 70 years old. A man was arrested with the seven victims, but there are no records indicating that he was mistreated. Deals.”

The torture took place in Chile, a remote village in the Andes, 700 kilometers north of Lima, with a population of 12,000.

Accused of practicing witchcraft

The women were released by the peasant patrols after signing a document in which they pledged not to attend [os maus-tratos sofridos] “Not magic,” Revolar said.

The Public Defender’s Office joined the Public Prosecution Office to investigate the case.

Investigation of a crime against freedom

The Public Prosecution Office said on Twitter that “seven women and a man have been released after they were arrested by Peasant Patrols in the Chilean region” on charges of practicing witchcraft.

And the judiciary opened an “automatic investigation into the alleged crime against the freedom of these persons, with an increase in the penalty.”

Last week, the public prosecutor’s office opened another investigation after a complaint that a television news crew had been detained and threatened by members of the Cajamarca peasant patrol, while making inquiries about the Castillo family.

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