September 29, 2023

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A survivor of a firefighter heard an 'explosion noise' before the bus capsized |  Santos and the region

A survivor of a firefighter heard an ‘explosion noise’ before the bus capsized | Santos and the region

The team of duo Conrado and Alexandro heard an “explosion noise” moments before the bus capsized on Rodovia Regis Bettencourt, in mirakato (SP), Saturday (7). In an interview with TV Tribona, a reporter for Rede Globo, a member of the fire department, who helped the victims of the accident, reported a statement from a survivor.

“He revealed that he was next to the driver. During the journey, the person heard a very strong noise, like an explosion, and at that moment the bus lost control and overturned. The driver is still getting up [na tentativa de segurar o volante]Fire Department captain Rodrigo Carvalho said.

The authorities stated that five victims of the accident, which left six dead, were found trapped in the wreckage of the bus. There was only one person outside the car – it is not known if he was thrown during the accident.

A fire department captain cites the report of a survivor who heard ‘explosion noises’ before the accident – Photo: Reproduction/TVTribona

About the cause of the accident, the agent added, the driver may have lost control of the vehicle, which was steered into the middle of the highway and overturned.

A PRF agent explains the cause analysis of the two-country bus accident – Image: Reproduction / TV Tribuna

Alexandro, of the duo with Conrado, and five other people die in a bus accident in the interior of São Paulo

Singer Alexandro, of the duet with Conrado, died in a serious bus accident, Saturday morning (7), on the Regis Petticoat Highway, at the height of mirakato, in Sao Paulo. Five more deaths have been confirmed, but their identities have not been released.

According to check before g 1There were at least 19 people in the car, including the artists. In addition to the deaths, 11 victims were taken to emergency rooms in the area with minor injuries and two others who did not become home.

The accident occurred around 10:30 am, at km 402.2 of the track heading towards São Paulo (SP). According to Arteris, the concessionaire who runs the extension, there is a record 4 km of congestion on the trail towards Curitiba and 2 km towards São Paulo.

According to the duo’s manager, José Carlos Cassucce, the car left Tijucas do Sul (PR), where the duo played a show on Friday (6), and was headed to São Pedro (SP), where there was a show. This Saturday is cancelled.

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