September 24, 2023

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Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega enfrentou dificuldade na quarentena e agora volta para o SBT (Foto: Reprodução)

Carlos Alberto, 86, discovers a serious illness and reveals the diagnosis

Carlos Alberto talks about the alarming diagnosis of the epidemic

Carlos Alberto de Nobrega Today he is happy that he is able to function normally, in addition to being vaccinated and protected from the virus that has killed thousands of Brazilians. But at a critical moment in the pandemic, he finds himself in a difficult situation.

In an interview with Ottaviano Costa in 2021, the comedian revealed that the pandemic affected him so much that he had some turmoil. Carlos Alberto said he suspected he had cancer. Because of the period of isolation, the presenter said that he began to discover the disease in everything and for this he underwent some tests.

Suspected of having cancer, he was surprised by the result. “I started to invent the disease. I thought I had skin cancer and even had a biopsy. It didn’t offer anything. Then I had kidney checks and nothing. I realized then that my problem was in my head,” Carlos Alberto said.

In another interview, he said that he was banned from joining SBT. Silvio Santos fired everyone who got older and sought to keep part of the staff isolated. Only after the announcer managed to get around the whole situation, those programs were recorded again according to all indications of health professionals.

I received an offer from GLOBO

Carlos Alberto de Nobrega Who is responsible for the box is ours In the SBT 35 years ago in an interview with Danilo Gentile who in the past received a proposal to return to GlobeBut he refused the proposal and decided to continue SBT. Then he said that if he accepted the invitation, his career would have been completely different.

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According to the presenter, he wanted to take SBT assistants with him, but Bonnie was still in charge and the idea did not please him very much. ‘He said if I go, everyone will go with me, even my maid. I just don’t want one, old deaf,’ said (Bonnie). And the reference, even today, from Praça da Alegria and A Praça é Nossa, is Velha. So I said If Rooney doesn’t come, no one will,” explained Carlos Alberto, who is now relieved with his decision.

“Thank God I stayed (at SBT). If I were on another station, I wouldn’t have a 35-year career with Praça. Silvio gave me freedom.”

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