May 24, 2024

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A woman discovers advanced cancer in Cuiaba, months after a doctor declared she was obese

A woman discovers advanced cancer in Cuiaba, months after a doctor declared she was obese

Woman discovers cancer after misdiagnosis

  • Woman discovers advanced cancer after doctors misdiagnose her in Cuiabá

  • After experiencing severe pain, she sought professionals who advised her to lose weight.

  • Edileny removes both breasts and fights for life

A woman has discovered advanced cancer in CuiabaMonths after the doctor ruled out any serious health problems for the patient. At the time, the professional said the problem might be excess fat.

To G1, Edileny Mayre de Oliveira said she sought a specialist in 2019, after experiencing severe pain in her breasts when her daughter immediately laid down her head. She had an ultrasound and a CT scan, but the doctor said there was nothing to worry about and suggested she needed to lose weight.

Not satisfied with the opinion and the exams in her hand, she asked for a second opinion. Again, the doctor said it was excess fat. Despite the insistence of Edelini, who requested surgery to remove the knot, the professional advised her to abandon the idea.

“I came home and over time my breasts grew a lot and started to hurt. I even lost movement in my right arm,” he recalls.

Three months later, due to persistent symptoms, she returned to find a specialist who referred her to a cancer hospital. This time, she was diagnosed with advanced-stage breast cancer.

Breast removal

Since then, Edeleni has undergone surgery to remove both breasts, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. The woman continues to fight for her life and has promised to fight for compensation due to the wrong diagnosis.

“My children and I cry a lot, but a lot. I try to be strong all the time to deliver security to them. I would like to get a donation to finish my house because until now I live with my two sisters,” he said.

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