May 18, 2024

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Mobile gaming can bring health benefits

Mobile gaming can bring health benefits

You are Video GamesMobile games, especially mobile games, are known to be a pointless distraction or even a waste of time, right? Yes, but the truth is not quite so, as some of these programs can have health benefits.

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Mobile games can also be good for your health

Doctor Rafael Spira gave an interview to the Uol portal and mentioned that some mobile games can bring health gains. In this case, they are games that help in the cognitive development of a person.

There are games like Letreco, Termo, Wordle and others that force the human mind to find answers. Practically speaking, they are not mobile games that focus only on adventures and fairy tales. It helps the mind work through puzzles and logical challenges, stimulating neural connections.

Games as a mental exercise are nothing new

It does not take long to understand that there are games that are useful to humans. Some board games, such as chess, for example, have been shown to stimulate the development of intelligence.

Children who play memory games tend to have more memory capacity than those who do not. All of these results have already been tested in several studies around the world.

This can also be seen with mobile games, especially those that simulate strategic or challenging situations. Sudoku is a very popular style of game that has already been suggested as an alternative to prevent degenerative diseases of the mind. At first the magazines were brought in, and there are many applications that deal with this game logic.

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More education

In addition to mental health benefits, mobile games help relieve stress and can promote further education. The game Letreco, for example, consists of guessing concepts in the Portuguese language.

There are historical crossword puzzles and other types of mobile games that stimulate knowledge in all players. Therefore, before criticizing controversial games, it is best to understand the options and make more assertive choices when playing.