June 21, 2024

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Estúdio de Abandoned pede que jogadores parem de enviar ameaças de morte

Abandoned studio asks players to stop sending death threats

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from up, this game Share different secrets Us last months.

Now the studio blue box He released a new statement, urging players to be patient with time-wasting development announcements.

Check out some key excerpts from the statement posted at Twitter.

This letter is not signed by a company, but by a group of people. The past few days have been tough. Death threats both online and in person have increased, and this needs to stop. […] We want to work in a safe environment and open future job opportunities, so we want to offer the same to future colleagues. We will not tolerate this and will take action by providing the IP addresses, logs and recordings to the authorities.

We are aware of the negative situation that has arisen and understand the frustration. But we don’t understand death threats. We appreciate your interest in upWe are working hard on the game. We will launch a blog on our website that you can follow, and we will post all the news on Twitter. But all we ask until then is that they give us space to work on it up. please.”

up It will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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